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Finding the right path forward to help improve profitability for your company can be difficult. Bringing new services or products to market can be challenging. Having the right strategies in place can help you achieve maximum value for your organization.

I take a collaborative approach with you and your team in three different forms. First, I offer full-day sessions that are typically 1-2 days for strategic planning at the management level or with departmental leadership. Second, I offer project basic strategic planning that requires a longer timeline for the research. Finally, I can tailor the service with a combination of the two based on your needs.

What to expect 

  • A free initial assessment by meeting with you and your team.

  • An agreed-upon tailored strategic planning service with an estimated cost


Full Day Session

Full day session are generally reserved for times when you and your team need to step away from the day-to-day work to focus on developmental topics. These topics are unique and deserving of focus. It can be beneficial to use an outside consultant so that leaders and managers can participate as a member. Facilitating can be left up to a trusted consultant.

I use a design thinking approach, so sessions are very collaborative. They are participatory and engaging. I look for thematic patterns and help guide the conversation, contextualizing ideas, and challenging you to think differently.

Topics that might be discussed

  • Creating company clarity through communicable statements of purpose and strategic anchors

  • Identifying potential market forces to forge a competitive advantage

  • Develop a concept for viable products or services

  • Improve team cohesiveness 

Project Based Strategic Planning

Do you have an idea or project you are having trouble finding the right way to execute? You know your industry better than I ever will, but even experts get stuck. I offer an objective view point based on research and experience that presents a different perspective. I am a researcher at heart and I take a deep dive into your industry, but also rely on your institutional knowledge and expertise to help direct my research. 

I advise clients using market, competitor, and customer insights, I help implement strategic plans that leverage your organization's financial and operational position.

Topics that might include

  • New market entry opportunities

  • Organizational restructuring

  • Small business expansion strategies

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