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I Help Small Businesses & Leaders Grow

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About Nathan Castillo

I have 20 years experience in operational management and technology consulting. I have created several departments for educational institutions, oversaw the launching of multiple services brought to market, and shepherded a number of operational initiatives. I have worked with a number of clients from higher education, non-profit, A&E firms, contractors, preforming arts, and small business owners as consultant and advisor. 


If you are starting a new business, looking to improve your leadership skills, or ready to take your career or company to the next phase; I am here to help. I am ready to use my years of experience creating and growing divisions within organizations as well as developing new products and services to help you achieve your goals. 

I am fascinated by abstract ideas and turning them into elegantly simple and communicable concepts. I am energized by finding connections that others don’t see. I am also at my happiest when clients can bring me their challenges so that I can help identify patterns that ultimately present solutions. 

Get in touch to take advantage of the services I offer.

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Consulting Services


Free Conversation: Problem Solving

Unsure where to start with solving a workplace challenge? I provide a 30 minute judgement free conversation to help identify the obstacle with suggested solutions and strategies.

Professional 1-on-1 Coaching

Want to make changes in your career, new to management, or looking to improve your leadership skills? You may benefit from outside mentoring. I provide clients with access to my 20 years worth of knowledge and experience to create accountable goals and professional guidance.


Are you ready to take your business into the next phase? Do you have a project or idea that you would love to bring to life? I provide my clients with a few types of planning services to help you and your team devise appropriate strategies.

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